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Be Visionary
Make a Difference

"The most critical conservation issue facing mountain lions and other large mammal populations in this generation will be habitat loss and fragmentation due to development and other land uses that conflict with wildlife and their migration patterns [and genetic diversity]."

DFG Wildlife Biologist

Theodore Roosevelt had the foresight to create five national parks before the first decade of the 1900's had come to a close. His visionary achievements, in a time when our nation's population was only a fraction of what it is today, should serve as an inspiration to current generations.

We must initiate our own farsighted movements to protect and preserve our land for our children and our children's children. Support organizations that work to protect cougars, cougar habitat and their corridors. Only 2% of all donations are directed toward environmental causes, and of that 2%, only 0.28% is actually employed in the conservation of habitat. Your donations are especially critical.

The Nature Conservancy
(Designate your donation to land acquisition for viable puma habitat).

Felidae Conservation Fund
(Designate your donation to puma education and research).

Wildlands Network
(Designate your donation to viable puma connectivity corridors).

The Wilderness Society
(Designate your donation to support efforts to protect and enhance wildlands for viable
puma habitat).

The Mountain Lion Foundation
(Designate your donation to puma education).

The Cougar Fund
(Designate your donation to puma education).

Inspire your friends and others to do the same!