The Mountain Lion

mission 03

This project, Ghost Cat: My World, is an intimate depiction of Puma concolor, more commonly known as cougar, puma, panther or mountain lion. When most of us think about the mountain lion, we are inclined to picture a fearsome or splendid predator stalking through the forests and deserts of the Americas; however, there is much more to the story. It is a story I intend to tell through a series of twenty-three graphite drawings in a national touring art show and an accompanying book. This quintessential celebration of the mountain lion depicts pumas in captivity, in the wild and in the pet trade. It also explores habitat loss, hunting and the critical role of this charismatic cat as a keystone and umbrella species in maintaining the delicate ecological balance. My efforts are intended to inspire others to recognize this magnificent animal as an invaluable gift, without which the environment, along with humanity, would suffer a great and irreplaceable loss.